Aesthetic: Greatest Body

Greatest body

I am probably sure you’ve heard about this new trend going on in the fitness industry: Aesthetics!

Say bye bye to the bodybuilding mentality where lifters tried to be as big as possible! This new lifestyle is more about balance – having well-defined muscles but not HUGE ones (even though we can argue about Simeon Panda not being huge).

Those three athletes who don’t need any introduction embody this new lifestyle. As you can see, they are far (somehow) from being as big as Ronnie Coleman or Jay Cutler! They have a more everyday body, and that’s why they have so many fans over the world.

Whether they are juicing or not isn’t the question. When you look at Lazar Angelov for example, you can believe that one day with hard work and a good diet you will be able to come close to this physique naturally. You’ll agree with me that we can’t say the same for those big bodybuilders (that I highly respect by the way!).

But my question for you now: who has the best physic?

I would personally vote for Lazar Angelov. As i said previously, he is not as massive as the two others, but he is ripped as hell! I think that is body-balance is simply perfect and that he has the best abs in the fitness industry! Lazar is not too big, not too small.
Concerning Simeon Panda, for me he would be at the edge of being a big bodybuilder with his (too) massive Delts while Ulysse Jr display a very good balance but not as good as Lazar Angelov.

So who would you pick?

References (source): – Picture of Simeon Panda with Ulysse Jr from Simeon Panda Official Twitter Account.
– Picture of Lazar Angelov from Lazar Angelov Official Twitter Account.

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