Bodybuilding at Home vs Bodybuilding at Gym


Today, I am going to talk about exercising at home vs exercising at gym. I had the chance to try both methods starting with bodybuilding at home for about 5 years and then in a proper gym for more 6 years now.

Both methods have advantages and drawbacks and you will have to choose which method will suit you the best.

With motivation and seriousness, whether you choose to stay at home or go to gym, I promise you that you’ll get results.


As I said, I started bodybuilding at home with my bodyweight. My workouts were a mix of push-ups, dips, pull-ups and abs.


Cost – If you choose to train at home with your bodyweight, it’s a zero investment move. And even if you choose to buy some equipment, the price should not be too excessive.

Initially, I trained at home because gyms were too expensive for me. But today, with the flood of gyms all over the world, it is possible to find the most competitive prices.

Another advantage is to be completely flexible. You train whenever you want, at any time. Machines are for you only and you won’t have to wait 20 minutes for a freakin dumbbell.

You can also play whatever music you want and prepare your home-made protein shake right after your training.


You won’t be disturbed by other people during your training. While it’s always nice to chat with people, your training should not have long interruption as it might affect the efficiency of your workout. The only break you should take is the one before a new set or a new exercise.


When talking about bodybuilding at home, you obviously think of bodyweight workouts. But it is also reasonable to include dumbbells, a bench, barbells and maybe a multifunction machine (chest, back, biceps …).

Except if your dad is a millionaire or you are yourself rich, you will be limited in terms of equipment because it is expensive. And even if you had the money, machines take a lot of space which can be annoying if you live in a flat.

At home, it’s also the risk of doing nothing at all. When you are in your environment, it is very easy to put bodybuilding aside to do a less stressful activity: television, computer, Facebook…

I’ve known a lot of people who had some equipment at home but they didn’t train at all because they were trapped by internet or the television.

You have to find the energy, motivation and desire to do your daily workout no matter what. After reading my article on motivation, you should be able to do that.

It happened to me several times to be too lazy to do my workout because I wanted to watch a series. But ultimately, my goals and my determination always pushed me to do my training even at 22h.

Here is a tip that might help: if you love a TV show, instead of having your lazy ass on the sofa, prefer to do your workout while watching your favorite series. I did it many times and I was surprised to see how fast I finished my workout.

Finally, at home you are on your own and no one will help you to make this extra repetition or to correct you if you do not properly perform an exercise. You will take bad habits hard to get rid of.


Going to gym for the first time can be intimidating. You think that you will see bodybuilders everywhere and that you will look ridiculous compare to them. But this is not the case.

Even though some guys are quite impressive, you have to remember that they all have started one day like you. In some gyms, you won’t even come across any bodybuilders. You will be very surprised to see so many different types of people.


The first thing I am thinking of when talking about going to gym (and I mean a good one), is the access to the unlimited number of machines. You can train your muscles through every angle: bar, dumbbell, machine, cable…


Muscle growth is higher than if you stayed at home. The ability to vary your exercises will help you to continually shock your muscles and lead to a better muscle gain. You might get heavier dumbbells and weights – and once again it will lead to muscle growth.

At gym, you’ll always find a partner to help you with your last repetition or to push you out of your limits and your comfort zone.

Usually gym goes with fitness professional. Of course all tips are not good (like taking steroids) but you will always find someone with great advises on many things (training, nutrition …).

But obviously, not everything is perfect. I see some negative aspects too.


Well, everything will depend on your gym but sometimes there are so many people that you cannot even train without hurting someone with your dumbbell. It may take 30 minutes to get a damned machine – a nightmare.

If you are hypochondriac, forget about the gym! Everybody use and sweat on the machines. Some don’t clean behind them and honestly it’s disgusting. But anyway, bodybuilding is a great community and gains don’t come with no sweat!

Except if you have a 24/7 gym, you will have to train regarding your gym’s schedule. This includes closing days when the manager is on vacation or during bank holidays. It can quickly become annoying especially if you have a training plan.

The other thing about the gym is that you have to go there. If you’re lucky, it may be close to your work, your home or on your way back home. But in every scenario, you have to move to another environment.

I know, it sounds very lazy like this. But to give you an example, I did not go to a gym at the beginning also because there weren’t any close to my home and I didn’t have a car. And it is not always easy to travel and take public transport. If you live in a small town, you will not have a lot of buses and perhaps nobody to take you there.

At least, you have everything on the spot by being at home.

Final Word

There is no good or bad location to do your workout. Again, everything depends on you, your goals, your time and your equipment.

Your home is a great place to start bodybuilding and build a strong body. With a real motivation, you have all the tools to improve in bodybuilding.

No excuses as well! you have to go back home every day no matter what.

However, be aware that your muscle gains will be more impressive by going to gym. Diversity of equipment, other members will all be assets to build muscles even faster.

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