Eugen Sandow – Father of Modern Bodybuilding

If you’ve always wondered who ‘invented modern bodybuilding’, don’t look further – his name is Eugen Sandow. Eugen is born in Konigsberg, Prussia in 1867. The German-Born bodybuilder displayed a lean and muscular physique with some impressive stats that are comparable to many nowadays bodybuilders: 19.5inch (49.5cms) Biceps, 27inch (68.6cms) Thighs and 48inch (122cms) Chest (going up to 62inch (157.5cms) if expanded). Not only he had an astonishing physique but he was also a strongman. However, he quickly realized that people were more interested in his muscles than by the amount of weight he could lift. He was often compared to Greek and Roman God and if you look closely, you’ll notice that his physique was exactly the same than statues of Antiquity.


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