Jealousy In The Fitness Industry


Here is an article that could almost make you think that you are in the wrong section. A title that could be mistaken for a philosophical website or tips for sentimental relationships.

And yet I am not mistaken! In fact, I didn’t find a real article on the subject except on forums so if you know one, let me know.

Jealousy is defined as ‘resentment against a person enjoying success or advantages’. I love this definition that perfectly characterizes some individuals in bodybuilding.

Jealousy is actually a recurring subject in bodybuilding.

Come on, don’t be a sly little fox! We’ve all been more or less jealous of a guy in our gym once in our life because he was bigger or lifting heavier.

It’s almost normal. Man is arrogant and needs to feel stronger, more muscular.

However, jealousy should not exist among our community. Obviously I speak of ‘bad jealousy’. Indeed, it may be beneficial to be ‘jealous’ of someone and work hard to look like him or even look better. Again, I am talking about good sportsmanship that should be found everywhere.

I’m not here to talk about good jealousy but pettiness and perverse greed that some may experience. It is completely unnecessary for several reasons.


I know! it sounds a bit silly but genetics plays a very important role in the growth of your muscles. You will tell me that it’s an easy argument to use and I agree with you, but genetics is a parameter that we cannot control (not yet!).genetics

We don’t have the same penis, some are more fortunate than others! Some have an IQ so high that it would drive anyone insane! In bodybuilding, it’s the same. Some guys are programmed to do bodybuilding and others will struggle a bit more.

And despite all your efforts, they will always be ahead of you. Therefore, it is completely useless to have the will to look like someone and/or envy their bodies. It is more than likely you’ll never get there.

Use of Products

Most people dream of having those perfect bodies shown on internet or magazines. Chest amazingly aligned with shoulders, perfect 6 packs…steroids

Get your head out of the clouds! You know the saying: ‘it’s too good to be true’. We are not far from the truth.

All these people (almost) use products to help them achieve their goals. Some products are legal, such as supplements and creatine and others are not recommended (steroids).

I’ll get back to my article on supplements. I am absolutely not against the use of such products as I have been consuming some whey protein myself. What I mean is that it is unnecessary once again to envy someone’s body because you are not competing on the same level.

You are jealous of the bodybuilder at your gym because he has 60cms arms circumference? instead of taking it out on the poor guy saying: ‘ he is juicing anyway…’, take the necessary steps to look like him!

You know that to become as beefy as these guys, you will have to take more than just whey proteins. So why being jealous of a guy who goes against your values? just respect him, it’s his choice.

I repeat, these products are not magical. If your training, nutrition and rest are not optimum, you won’t get more results.

You have to confess that bodybuilders are pretty impressive. But if you are not interested in taking steroids, you know that you will never become like them.

So from this point, we can’t be jealous and envy those people. We should respect their choice because it’s their problem. We should also admire them, not for consuming such products as it would be as if you are encouraging people to juice, but for their tough mindset and their inspiring motivation.

Personal Trainers

Here is another parameter that most people forget when they are jealous of well-muscled guys: physical trainer. Most boxers, power lifters, rugby players have a coach with them. Even actors have one.personal trainer

This is the case for the movie 300 where Gerard Butler and his Spartans were trained by Mark Twight (former mountaineer) for example.

I personally know two guys who have been trained by a physical trainer allowing them to become world champion for bench press in their category.

A trainer is an undeniable asset to achieve your goals. He can have a new approach to your training and identify your potential.

Despite a good training and proper diet, you may not be able to improve anymore. This personal trainer will solve this problem by changing your workout routine and keeping you motivated until the end.

Final Word

I probably forgot some parameters on my list but anyway; let’s stop being jealous and envying people around us.

As you may have noticed we don’t compete on the same level.

Bodybuilding is a big community gathering many people with the same passion. We should get inspired by each other’s performances instead of being jealous.

Keep in mind that we are all different. Genetics, products and even trainers are as many parameters you need to take into consideration to explain those differences.

By Mother Nature, our convictions we can’t have all the same body (thank goodness). What matter is YOU and not other people. Keep your goal in mind, and do whatever it takes to get there.

If you want to become a professional bodybuilder, go ahead, but there will be some compromises to make. In all cases it will be your choice.

Time to go and train guys!

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