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Who are we?

Russcoffitness is a website run by an individual based in Mirabel Street, Manchester M3 1NN, United Kingdom.

CEO and Director: Nikias BERTRAND alias Russcoff
Editorial Manager: Nikias BERTRAND alias Russcoff

Web Provider

The company OVH based in France hosts our website on its servers.
– Website:
– Address: 2 rue Kellermann, BP 80157, 59053 Roubaix
– Phone: 08.99 70.17.61
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Terms of Use

Please read the Terms of Use carefully before using this website. By using this website, the user automatically accepts the full terms and conditions of If you do not agree to these terms and conditions, please do not use this website.

The user is responsible for the information he is sharing on
Users fully undertake on the entire website not to:
– circulate false information
– insult, abuse, harass or threaten others
– deliver content whatsoever, violent, obscene, pornographic, racist, hateful or bigoted
– harm the right of a third party or a law
– advocate illegal activities with the intent to commit them
– connect in order to implement any type of virus or take control of the website
The above list is not exhaustive. In case of violation of the conditions of use, Russcoffitness reserves the right to delete such information, to prohibit the use of the website to the users involved and take any legal action.

Changes to the Terms and Conditions

Russcoffitness reserves the right to change at any time these Terms of Use without prior notice. It is up to the user to regularly check the Terms of Use to ensure that they have not been amended or supplemented. The applicable conditions are the ones in effect when the user log in.

Copyright (Intellectual Property)

The entire website including but not limited to, images, texts, logos, videos, icons, designs, graphics are the exclusive property of Nikias Bertrand owner of Russcoffitness excluding logos, images, contents belonging to other companies or authors.

It is therefore formally prohibited by whatever means and on whatever medium whatsoever to reproduce, share, distribute, adapt, represent or transfer all or part of these elements without the prior written permission of Nikias Bertrand, CEO of Russcoffitness.

Russcoffitness®© and its associated logo is a protected trademark. Its commercial or political use is strictly prohibited. The use in any other way whatsoever is also prohibited without the prior written agreement of Nikias Bertrand, owner of Russcoffitness.

Any unauthorized use of the website will be considered as infringement and prosecuted in accordance with Articles L.335-2 and others from the Code of Intellectual Property.

Services Provided provides information on its domain of activity. The authors strive to be as precise and accurate as possible in the disclosure of such information. By their personal experience, readings and other research, the authors strive to write high quality articles with the utmost care.

Things tend to constantly evolve, Russcoffitness reserves the right to change or alter this information at any time without notice.

Disclaimer of Liability

The material on this website has an informational purpose. In no circumstances shall the responsibility of Russcoffitness be engaged in the inaccuracy, imprecision or completeness of such information.

Users must exercise common sense, discernment and must consult this information with a critical mind. Russcoffitness cannot be held responsible for any physical or material damage whatsoever direct or indirect resulting from the practical application, good or bad, of the information disclosed on this website.

Russcoffitness do not have its own servers to host its website therefore it cannot be held responsible for any problem of connection.

Russcoffitness shall not be held liable for any material or immaterial damage of the user’s IT equipment resulting from the connection and use of this website.

Russcoffitness may provide links to other external websites. Russcoffitness has no control over these websites and their content and cannot be held responsible in any way for the illegality and possible damage caused by such sites. If a problem was to be found by one of our users, Russcoffitness agrees to remove this or these links immediately after being made aware of the illicit nature of the content.

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