My Transformation (Russcoff)

Russcoff Transformation

The bodybuilding industry has always been the same trend: showing your (body) evolution over the years. It obviously gives some credit to people who are trying to give advice to newbies.

So I guess that I couldn’t escape this compulsory stage. I created this website with the idea of conveying my values and experience of bodybuilding. But as I said, you have to be credible.

I mean let’s be honest! Who will seek advice to lose weight from a fat personal trainer? I’ll be the first one to stay away from this person; he will have zero credibility to my eyes.

Of course, it is not because someone succeeded in a domain that he can teach it to others but at least he knows what he is talking about.

I’ve been training for over 10 years with a nice transformation along the road. I am actually very proud to have achieved such body with no steroids but more surprising no supplements (almost). If this article is meant to show you my transformation, it is also meant to show you that with some hard work and dedication, you can have the body you want.

At the Beginning

Unfortunately, I’ve never really taken any pictures of me when I started bodybuilding. I have general pictures but not one specific to bodybuilding. Besides, I recommend you not to make the same mistake as taking a picture regularly allows you to see your evolution month by month, year after year.

It’s the best indicator to measure your progress. It is also really impressive as you will see on the next battery of pictures. russcoff 2011

The above picture shows me in 2011 when I just arrived in the UK. I was 81kgs back then and pretty slim. In fact, during my 2 years at university in France, I wanted to get bigger but struggled big time. I realized later on that playing football intensively prevented me to get bigger.

I am pretty sure you’ve heard about HIIT as one of the best cardio exercise to lose weight. From my experience, it definitely is and football is a type of HIIT. Any similar sport such as rugby is a kind of HIIT and therefore very efficient to lose or maintain your weight. I’ll explain everything in another article.

In France, I used to train Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and play games during the weekend. It was a lot of cardio and no wonder why I couldn’t really gain weight at that time.

Manchester Changed my Body

When I came to the UK, I slowly stopped playing football for several reasons and started to eat more. I quickly gained weight during the first year to reach 90kgs. Unfortunately, I don’t really have a good picture of that time.

After this year, I remember struggling to gain more weight and I decided to take for the first time in my life supplements. As explained in the following article, I took whey protein and also BCAA, no more.

It actually helped me a lot however I think that the combination of a rich diet, hard training and supplements was the key of my bulking. But as I mentioned in this article, my digestive system is very fragile and I always struggled digesting those supplements leading to regular diarrhea. So I decided to stop after almost one year of use.

At that point, I was 105kgs as you can see on the picture: June 2013! When I look at it, I just can’t believe how big/fat I was. My wife and entourage told me that my bulking had been great and that it was time to get shredded. But I was blind and refused to listen to them.

Russcoff Evolution

I continued training hard and even without supplements my performances increased. I was quite strong during that period and eating a lot. I even remember telling my brother that I couldn’t/would never get shredded because I loved eating too much.

Then out of nowhere, I had a revelation! My wife convinced me that I would be better if I lose weight. So I started dieting step by step. I read thousands of articles and papers to find the right diet but it was a nightmare! You can find 10000 different types of diets, all with their proven records and all different from each other (one with lot of carbs, another one very high in fat…).

I was so confused and fed up that I decided to make my own diet. As the saying goes: ‘If you want it done right, you’ve got to do it yourself.’

It was so simple and stupid. It worked out very well as you can see on the pictures. I am currently writing an eBook on how to easily lose weight. I’ll let you know once it’s ready.

I started this diet at the end of April, beginning of May 2015. Within 4 months, I lost around 10/12kgs to be at my current weight 90kgs.

I am very proud to have achieved this level of fitness without any supplements. I am proud of being a 100% natural bodybuilder. Of course, I am far from having the same body than Simeon Panda or Ulisse Jr, but it’s not that bad given the fact that it’s all about eating naturally.

This article shows you that it is totally feasible to achieve a great level of fitness without the use of any supplements or steroids. It’s all about your diet. When getting shredded, I didn’t change my program or the number of reps I was performing, it was only my food.

If you are ready to be dedicated to your diet, it will lead you to amazing results.

I hope you enjoyed this article my dear lifters, and I’d be glad to hear your comments on this transformation.

If you have any question or would like to see me writing an article on a specific subject, don’t hesitate to let me know!

Let’s get back to gym!

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