New Year Resolutions

New Year Resolutions

Happy New Year my dear lifters!

Before we start, I wish you all the best for 2016 and I hope that you will fulfill all your dreams!

Christmas and 2015 are now over. It’s a period of the year for celebration. We usually spend Christmas and the New Year with family and friends and we can agree that we are never short on food.

If you are not a bodybuilder pro, you are more likely to have eaten a lot. Consequently, you probably gained some weight but there is nothing to worry about.

It always happens.

What matters is to go back to your normal diet and your old routine. Sometimes it can be challenging as your system is used to have junk or fat food. You might have some cravings like a pregnant woman!

Don’t fall for it! Remember that your mind controls your body. At first, you will probably be hungry but it will get better very soon after. Remember all the sacrifices you endured during the year. It is no time to give up yet.

Actually, a cheating week as we could call it this way can be highly beneficial for your workout. If you were in a shredded period before this so-called week, your system was probably low in carbs/glycogen.

By eating a lot, you recharged (and probably even more) your system. You should not be surprised if you feel stronger than before and should take advantage of that matter to keep building your strength.

Going to gym in January can be a nightmare. It is the busiest month of the year because everybody wanna lose the extra calories gained during Christmas – the famous New Year Resolution.

Then in February, people will slowly vanish from the Gym leaving you plenty of room to properly workout.

Whether you are a dedicated bodybuilder or only a sedentary lifter, I will give you the same piece of advice if your primary goal is to lose weight after Christmas:

Give a go to Cross-fit training: one of the most efficient workouts you can have to quickly lose weight but also to get back to your old routine.

Cross-fit is a cardio-based workout. You will perform several exercises in a row at a high intensity pace– therefore it implies the use of light weights.

It is perfect for two main reasons:

– if you haven’t been to the gym during Christmas time, a cross-fit workout would be ideal to get your muscle back on the track without a high risk of injury. As you will use light weights, it will slowly prepare your muscle to go back to a traditional workout with heavy weights.

– as it involves a lot of cardio (more HIIT type), it will be great to quickly lose weight. This is perfect for people who are not sure to continue weight training in February. In a matter of 4 weeks, you might burn the excess calories you gained during Christmas.

If you have been training during Christmas, there is nothing to worry about. At best, you didn’t gain weight and everything is the same, at worse you gained some weight but your strength might have improved.

As your muscles didn’t stop training, you can use the same program. The difference will lie in your diet.

Final Word

People are full of New Year Resolutions. You won’t be surprised to know that losing weight is one of the first. Even if going to gym for just one month is better than nothing, remember that bodybuilding is a sport on the long-term.

I understand that losing weight as soon as possible is important but it is not ideal. The most important is to regulate your weight and make sure that once you get your ideal shape, you keep it this way.

If you stop training after a month, it will be as if you did nothing and you will quickly gain weight again.

You need to train on a regular basis to keep your shape, so look at long-term resolutions and not short-term.

Once again, Happy New Year my dear lifters and let’s get back to GYM!!!

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