Patience Is your Ally

I am pleased to introduce this third logo with its quote: Patience is to bodybuilding what a sword is to a warrior, your best ally! It took me longer than expected to finish this drawing because of that damn attention to detail!

Patience is a complex concept to draw. It is true that the word is very abstract and therefore difficult to represent. I could have done an hourglass but you know that I am very keen on the Greek mythology aspect.

That’s why I had the idea of this sundial, kind of ancient clock. The sundial has been invented by the Babylonians but it was also found in Ancient Greece with a spherical appearance.

The main purpose was to measure the flow of time. From this object as a central element, it was easy to let creativity speak for itself.

Patience is the keyword of bodybuilding. A concept that many understand but eventually do not really follow. Indeed, people know how long it takes to have the body they want but they quickly give up when results don’t show up.

Keep in mind that bodybuilding is a marathon, a sport in the long term. You need a minimum of three months to barely see results and at least 6 months to 1 year to see a real difference.

And that’s the whole problem. People do not have time to wait; they want to look like Arnold Schwarzenegger or Lazar Angelov within few months only. But you should know that it took them years to get such body.

Same for me, I was able to see the progress over 10 years of lifting. Even during those past two years I have seen my body changing a lot. With time comes experience and knowledge.

You start to know your body by heart – best training for your body, best diet to use and how long you need to rest to optimize your results.

If after 1 year you still don’t have results, there is obviously a problem. You will have to question your program, diet or rest.

There is also the easy way out: taking products. But be aware that even if you will have faster results than natural bodybuilding, you will still have to be patient.

Again, results do not come from a wave of magic wand! Your diligence, your seriousness will make the difference in the long-run!

All things come to him who waits said Francois Rabelais, so be patient. I guarantee that if you accept patience and walk by its side, it will be your best ally. The results will be so surprising and rewarding that you will say: it was worth the wait!

Remember that you must learn to lift stones before wanting to move mountains. All athletes will tell you the same thing and not only in bodybuilding.

As I said, our body is a wonderful machine that needs time to develop and adapt to our workouts. Once it’s done, your body will surprise you more than once.

Don’t we say that Patience is a virtue?

So before you throw in the towel, look at the long-term. Don’t forget that like the sword of the warrior, without patience you will be defeated!

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