Put Your Ego Aside


Put your ego aside! That’s a nice catching sentence to start an article.

Today I was browsing Instagram when I saw the picture of Malte Beckmann who was talking about the fact that bodybuilding is not about heavy weights only.

And this guy is totally right!!! This is something very common in the bodybuilding industry. Everyone is talking (most of the time lying) numbers and focusing on how much weight you can lift instead of how to achieve an aesthetic physique.

Even though being strong will give you a muscular shape most of the time, there is no direct correlation between being ripped and being strong. In fact, you can see the Powerlifters or Strongmen, they are beasts but not very defined and Eddie Hall is one of the best examples.

And that is the point here. Once again, you have to know your objectives and where you wanna be. Because training to be stronger will be different from training to have an aesthetic physique. Of course, you can always find programs that are trying to incorporate both worlds but usually there are not the best.

A specific program to gain muscle OR to get stronger will always be better than a hybrid program. See it as working on one task instead of two at a time. You will be able to put more effort, and more work toward ONE objective than two as it requires a double effort. Of course you can still achieve good results but not master them.

That is why you need to have a clear idea of why you are training. It will defines your workout plan and therefore your state of mind. This is precisely when I come back to the first sentence of this article – put your ego aside.

If you are a powerlifter or strongmen, then obviously numbers are what matters only! Being the best, lifting always more should be your unique objective meaning that you shouldn’t not really focus on building a nice muscular sculpted body.

But if you are trying to improve your physique, to get as aesthetic as possible then numbers shouldn’t be your priority. And I know that it is pretty hard for most of us. You can just look around you at gym. I am pretty sure that you all have seen once in your life this one guy skinny as hell taking the biggest dumbbells to do the shittiest curl ever.

It’s not because you are skinny that you aren’t strong, I have never said that. Just have a look at some powerlifters in the -70kgs category and you will be impressed on how strong they are. But if it’s the guy’s objective then I am expecting to see the exercise properly done (even perfectly done).

Because to lift heavy, your form should be perfect. So instead of taking heavy shit to impress no one and looking more ridiculous than anything else, just take time to master the exercise with light weights at the beginning. You will see that you will slowly increase the weight to reach a decent number with the benefit of knowing how to properly do the exercise and therefore enhance your muscle gains.

I think the best example is Rich Piana! You may not know this guy but I love his honesty. He is one of the rare athletes not being afraid of saying that he used and still uses steroids but not only… He would be the first one not to give a f*** about how much weight he can lift.

And when you look at him, he is just MASSIVE. I am sure that everybody expect him to lift crazy heavy weights but when you look at some of his videos you can actually see him lifting very light weights (for his body…) but who cares!! As he said in one of his videos, his goal is not to be the best fighter, the strongest man on the planet but to be the biggest guy ever. And for that, you don’t have to lift super-heavy, it’s all about squeezing your muscles and doing the exercise properly. And light/medium weights are ideal to build muscle even if you are not taking steroids, believe me.

But don’t get me wrong!!! even though he doesn’t lift as heavy as before, he used to have decent (excellent for the average lifter) numbers for the three big lifts and still lift pretty heavy.

So I am not telling you that you should all get a 4kgs dumbbells to do curls! I just wanted to tell you that you shouldn’t be scared to take light weights.

I am more impressed by someone who lift light weight with a strict form and a great physique than someone who lift heavy but with a shitty form and no results. It’s good to diversify your training and NOT TO CARE about other people.

You should exercise for yourself only and not to impress other people. It is the key.

As I said in this article, don’t compare yourself with other people because we are all different. You don’t know what the story behind each individual is, you don’t know what they take, how long they have been training…

Once again put your ego aside and just train to achieve your OBJECTIVES. Be inspired by people around you don’t be judgmental.

It is good to have some ego in order to achieve greatness, to push yourself to the limit but with moderation. Because if you are attempting something beyond your capacities, you will end up with no results or serious injuries.

And remember one thing my lifters, even the pro started at the bottom! Start to move a rock before moving the entire mountain!

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