Sir Manohar Aich

Manohar Aich
Sir Manohar Aich

Hey what’s up lifters? When talking about bodybuilding, we always think about the US first. It is true that it is the Holy Land of bodybuilders. However, India being one of the biggest countries in the world in term of population has its own share of bodybuilders as well.

That’s why instead of talking about an American bodybuilder, I decided to introduce you: Manohar Aich one of the most famous bodybuilders in India. He is a legend in the country which is understandable.

He is born in 1912 in a remote village named Dhamti. He started bodybuilding very young at the age of 12. As weights were not very common at that time especially in India, he used to train with his bodyweight: push-ups, pull ups, squat…

He was introduced to proper weightlifting in 1942 after joining the Royal Airforce. However, his hardwork and dedication had already built him a great body. Weights just helped him adding some more mass.

Those long hours of working out finally paid off when he won two prestigious competitions of bodybuilding: Mr Hercules in 1951 and Mr Universe in 1952.

Manohar Aich is a very small man, he is actually called the Pocket Hercules because of being only 1m50 tall (4ft11). But what makes Mahonar Aich very popular is that despite is height, he had a chest almost as big as Sir Arnold Schwarzenegger 140cms (55,1 inches) vs 144cms (57 inches), a barrel.

Sir Manohar Aich is still alive with an impressive 103 years old. Who said that bodybuilders died young?

Manohar Aich Now
Sir Manohar Aich now



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