Steroids, What Dangers?


This is a subject I should have talked about a long time ago. The danger of steroids is not to be taken lightly. I also invite you to watch this shocking and emotional video:

You almost pity this poor guy who has literally ruined his health in his selfish pursuit of the perfect body.

As mentioned in this documentary, Justin took all types of substances. He wanted to become bigger and bigger, stronger and stronger. This is actually a disease called: Muscle Dysmorphia. But I’ll talk about this disease in a future article.

Before we start, I want to say that I have never taken steroids and that I will never do. In this article I will simply explain what steroids are, the side effects, and why people are taking steroids.

What are steroids?

As usual, I will define what steroids are: ‘hormones secreted by the endocrine glands’ according to l’internaute. In fact, ‘steroids’ are naturally secreted in our body.

When mentioning these substances in the sport’s industry, it always refers to the anabolic steroids. This time, ‘these are artificial substances, made by man, which can cause significant muscle hypertrophy.’

Indeed, the first goal of anabolic steroids is to help you enhancing your muscle capacities.

How it Works

I will not get into details or scientific terms, but steroids will act on targeted genes, and in our case muscles. They will also increase the production of proteins and also improve the protein synthesis.

As you know, proteins are necessary for muscle fibers’ reconstruction. But the entire protein intake will not go directly into your muscles. Steroids are somehow ideal because they will get more proteins in those muscles.

Steroids will also help to recover much faster and that’s why professional bodybuilders are able to perform ultra-intensive workouts without overtraining.

How to Take Them

There are several ways to ‘consume’ steroids: tablets, injections and even gels…

Side Effects (Unwanted)

This is the interesting part of the article. If taking steroids leads to a significant growth of an individual muscle mass, it also causes a ton of harmful side effects to your health.

Mental Disorders: a common effect is the sudden and radical change in your mood. Consumers can also experience high euphoria or hyper-aggressiveness such as Tourette’s syndrome.

Reducing Fertility: because steroids are very active in the testicles. Taking steroids stops the sperm’s production and leads to testicles shrinkage.

Heart Problems: more risk of a heart failure due to the fact that you no longer feel the fatigue.

Hypertension: related a lot to heart problems. In fact, it is the cardiac deterioration that will prevent coronary vessels to correctly dilate, which then will be blocked causing a heart attack.

Insomnia: very common among steroid users. Again, you won’t feel any fatigue with steroids which is dangerous to your health.

Hemorrhage and Cancer: bleeding may appear in your stool due to gastrointestinal bleeding. In fact, steroids are manufactured in a way that they escape the digestion’s step. Otherwise, the liver would ‘destroy’ those steroids before having an effect on your body. And that’s why most consumers have a problem with their prostate, including cancers.

Hyper-confidence: the consumer often feels invulnerable. The fact that they don’t feel tired and always lift heavier explains a lot this hyper-confidence.

Physical Problems: hair loss and breasts’ appearance (for men) must be one of the most popular side effects. Acne and cyst are not uncommon as well.

Addiction: you must know that steroids are very similar to drugs. Once you have tried, you can hardly stop. And this is the real danger hence the importance to NEVER and I mean NEVER start.

Actually, this addiction will make it very difficult to stop those substances. It is very common to see consumers deprived of steroids falling into depression, have a loss of appetite or becoming violent and aggressive.

Why Taking Steroids

Having stated all these side effects (I probably forgot some), it is reasonable to ask how it is still possible to want to take steroids. And yet, many athletes regularly use those substances.

As I mentioned at the beginning of this article, the pursuit of the perfect body as well as having more and more muscles can lead to consume such products. For some, it’s like a sickness. They always think that they are not big enough and as the potential of an individual is quickly reached, steroids are the easy way.

Another reason might be that people have criticized their bodies when they were younger. The psychological factor is involved and it is always very difficult to get out of this vicious circle. When people kept repeating for years that you were fat, even if you have the best body in the world you will always believe that you are fat.

If the fitness industry is often associated with steroids, it is not the only sports affected by this plague. Cycling, football, athletics, almost every sport has problems with steroids.

Financial pressures often push people to take steroids to become faster and stronger. Indeed, if these substances significantly increase the volume of your muscles, they will also improve your performance: strength, recovery, speed, endurance … The money involved is so important that the athlete better be the best otherwise he can say goodbye to his career.

Sometimes, financial stakes are not pushing athletes to take steroids but simply glory! You just have to look at Lance Armstrong who said that if he had to do it again, he would do it. Some people are desperate to have their moment of glory.

We find the same thing in bodybuilding but also American football. A local newspaper interviewed American football players and asked them if they would rather die young and famous or old but unknown like everyone. I let you guess what they answered!

Final Word

Steroids are literally crap for your health. Moreover, they are banned by sports and Olympic authorities.

They will help your body to get stronger, recover faster and have bigger muscles but at what price?

Despite all the side effects, many athletes keep taking steroids. Financial pressures, social pressures or psychological disorders are many reasons (not valid) to push people to screw up their health for a fleeting glory.

If you want to take steroids it is your choice but I won’t follow you. You can find tons of articles on the subject as well as emotional testimonies such as Justin.

You cannot say that we haven’t warned you of the tragic consequences of steroids.

Think wisely before you get in there. The quest for a fleeting glory has a price to pay.

Like the great Achilles, Justin paid the toll!


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  1. Fantastic read. I agree wholeheartedly. If you care about your health and want to get the most out of your training in terms of personal, mental development – then stay natural. You get a real sense of confidence through the perseverance in battling to get the shape you want to be in!


    • Thanks for your message Fadi! I am not here to destroy steroids. As many people said, to achieve the physique of a pro bodybuilder, you need much more than just taking steroids! However it is good to know what are the possible consequences. Of course, some people can take steroids for the rest of their life and they will be fine as some people can try one cycle and have devastated results. For me, it’s like playing the lottery and as you said you will achieve so much more by staying natural. The best argument is that even though you stop exercising for a while, you won’t lose too much muscles compare to a pro bodybuilder! You can actually find crazy pictures of guys during steroids and after…

  2. Hello Russcoff ! 🙂
    Un très bon article et aussi un bon site !
    Mais tu sais, malheureusement le monde du sport est tel qu’il est maintenant, c’est bien dommage, mais c’est la triste réalité, pas que que je ne sois pas positif hein, mais juste réaliste, maintenant il faut tout au plus vite !
    Mais c’est toujours bon de faire de bons articles sur les dangers des stéroïdes, car ça devient trop la mode de dire que ce n’est pas mauvais pour la santé, c’est FAUX, c’est vraiment dangereux, j’en connais beaucoup qui en prennent, et jeunes en plus, pffff, c’est fou quoi, le seul produit dopant que je connaisse et qui est vraiment efficace c’est la volonté et le persévérance, la maturité musculaire, les connaissances, on ne remplacera jamais ça, après chacun fait ce qu’il veut de sa vie et de sa santé aussi, … . 😉
    Au plaisir de te lire camarade. 😉

    • Hey Seb !

      Merci, c’est sympa de passer sur mon site.

      Tu as tout à fait raison et ce n’est pas du pessimisme mais du réalisme comme tu l’as si bien dit. Les gens n’ont plus la patience – il faut faire un 200kgs au développé couché en 1 mois, avoir des bras de 54cms en 2semaines… et pourtant les gens oublient que l’essence même de la musculation c’est la patience.

      D’ailleurs je trouve que ces résultats sur le long terme font le charme du body… sinon nous aurions tous le même corps musclé et ça n’aurait plus d’intérêt. Le mérite revient à ceux qui ne lâchent pas et on voit tout de suite quelqu’un qui sort du commun des mortels haha
      Oui c’est dingue le nombre de gens qui prennent des stéroïdes aujourd’hui même à faible doses ! je vis à Manchester en Angleterre et c’est encore pire qu’en France – comme s’ils mangeaient des biscuits !!!! très dangereux pour la santé mais comme je le dis toujours, chacun est libre de faire ce qu’il veut mais faudra pas dire qu’on ne les a pas prévenu.

      Le pire dans tout ça c’est qu’ils croient qu’ils vont ressembler à Arnold, Siméon Panda ou Jay Cutler en prenant des stéroïdes. I
      Et encore une fois, je te rejoins car ils oublient que c’est le travail, la persévérance, la motivation, la hargne de dépasser ses limites, la patience qui ont façonné leur corps. Bien sur les roids ont beaucoup aidé à la recup mais ça ne fait pas tout !

      Tu peux aussi t’abonner à la newsletter si tu veux savoir quand je poste de nouveau articles.

      A bientôt Seb 

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