Too many supplements = NOT NATURAL?

Too many supplements = NOT NATURAL?

What’s Up my dear lifters?

Today I’d like to write a short article about supplements. I already covered this subject here but I wanted to go over another aspect of the supplements.

As we discussed before, supplements are legal to buy and supposedly ‘harmless’ to your health. It is no more different than people consuming red bull to have more energy during the day.

I was browsing the web checking articles when I realized a ‘common pattern’ with professional fitness models. I checked the most famous names such as Lazar Angelov, Jeff Seid, Ulisse Jr, Simeon Panda…

Their diet is heavily relying on the consumption of various supplements. When I say various, I mean A LOT! I am gonna give you two examples below. You will be able to see what they are taking depending on the time of the day (breakfast, lunch, post-workout…).

Jeff Seid:

Animal Pack, chronium picolinate


Mass gainer

Nutrex Hemo Rage Black

Optimum Nutrition BCAA 5000 powder

Creatine Monohydrate, Vitamin C

ZMA, Casein Protein

Ulisse Jr

Whey Isolate Protein, BCAA

Whey Isolate Protein

Vitargo, L-Glutamine, BCAA, MultiVitamin an Vitamin C

Casein Protein and Glutamine

When I saw that, I kind of freaked out. Why? Because even though those supplements are perfectly healthy and natural, I personally don’t find ‘natural’ to consume so many different products.

I also remember watching a documentary on a French bodybuilder who was taking around 15/20 pills every morning: one to keep the mass, one to give you energy…

When you look at Jeff Seid, he is probably taking more pills than someone having a terrible disease!!!

This is absolutely nuts!!!

You know that those fitness models always deny taking steroids and let’s assume it’s true. To a strict point of view, if you don’t juice then you are natural even if you are taking some supplements. But who on this planet is taking so many supplements? – except maybe other fitness fanatics.

Being natural shouldn’t it be through a natural diet?

I really want you to understand that I have nothing against supplements as they can be a big push to achieve your objectives but with moderation. A combination of two supplements such as Whey protein and BCAA is fine but then it’s too much.

The problem is that all the fitness models in the bodybuilding industry claim to be natty. They have millions of followers across the world who actually believe this statement. But in truth, even though they are not injecting steroids to themselves, they still use a lot of supplements.

Their followers rightfully believe that they should do the same if they want to have muscle gains – but it can be quickly expensive.

I’ve heard many people saying that supplements are better and easier than natural food. For example, it is more convenient to have a whey protein shake right after your training than cooking your steak. They also underline the fact that it is cheaper at the end.

And once again, I agree! but if you talk about one or two supplements only. If you add all the other products, I can promise you that the bill is gonna be higher more expensive than hard food!!!

In fact, you can find anything you need in real food – unfortunately people don’t take the time to check where to find those nutrients (a steak provides enough creatine to recover from a hard session for example).

From my point of view, and I already mentioned it in my previous article, a natural athlete is someone who trains and gets all his nutrients through hard food.

I wrote this article because I am very interested in your point of view my dear lifters. Do you also think that taking too many supplements is not natural?

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