Your Mind Controls Your Body

This is the first logo I drew after the Russcoff one (Rff). This quote may seem simple or even silly because obviously, our mind, our brain controls our movements and actions. But you must look beyond that.

Here, the quote is more intended to transcend yourself, to go beyond your limits. This logo is the backbone of my conception of bodybuilding. For me, your mind controls 95% of your body including pain.

As I always say: it’s in your head.


You probably have noticed that it is a hoplite helmet – Greek or Spartan warrior from the Ancient Greece. I think I could not find a better symbol to represent the strong spirit as I see it.

Indeed, the hoplites or Spartans have always been famous for being fierce soldiers on the battlefield. But more than that, they have always symbolized the power of the mind. Spartans lived simply and as you may know, a Spartan room is a room with the minimal furnishings.

Such was the vision of these warriors: a rudimentary way of life far from the comfort and luxury. Their will was stronger than anyone, stronger than anything. They always had this mental strength to never give up even though it meant death.

Thanks to the movie 300, we have seen the truth of these words. If the movie takes some liberties, the historical facts are somehow accurate. Despite being outnumbered by 1 to 30, they never gave up, always keeping in mind their goal which was giving enough time to the Greek army to gather.

I conceive bodybuilding with the same spirit. And this is where Your Mind Controls Your Body makes sense. Whatever happens, you must not drop your goals, and you should not give up just because results are not forthcoming. It’s all about mindset!

Regarding pain, I’ll have the same speech. You can master this pain and go beyond your limits. I think of people who find excuses that their legs’ workout is painful – you can overcome that pain.

Your mind also controls your motivation and diligence. When you are not motivated to do your workout, your mindset will play a role in your success. And if you are strong, you will do your session whatever happens (almost!)

Same for diet! You are trying to get lean and you wanna eat to McDonald’s with friends? you should take a salad because your mind controls your hunger! And your mind should always be the strongest.

Never forget that everything is in your head!


Obviously, the dumbbells represent bodybuilding, my passion. But they also symbolize physical effort, the body that our mind controls. In fact, our body is the machine accomplishing our mind’s orders.

The human body is a complex and yet an extraordinary machine. When you see the number of shattered records but also the incredible amount of feats performed by disabled athletes, one can only admire the human body.

Let’s come back to bodybuilding which is above all a passion and for me, it encompasses all the disciplines using this sport: boxing, rugby, swimming, marathon, power-lifting…

It is not unusual to see people who do not understand how you can like this feeling of suffering especially for NOTHING. And yet, so many people use bodybuilding because it gives them so much!

Seeing your strength increasing, sculpting an idyllic body or even maximizing your endurance capabilities are many factors leading people to practice such a sport.

And if sometimes effort may seem excessive or hard, tangible results will bring you an undeniable mental balance. Feeling good about yourself, feeling good in your mind!

We can agree than passionate people are addicted to sport! and it’s this feeling of well-being that make you come back to bodybuilding.

Final Word

Our mind and body are one. One does not go without the other. If your mind should be the master of your motivation and movements, it is your body and results that will bring satisfaction to your mind!

What matters is not falling, but rising and never giving up. Do not blame others for your failures; you are the master of your choices. Again, put the necessary means to achieve your goals. Whatever happens, do not give up!

However, if you are not of that caliber, forget about bodybuilding and find a sport more suitable to your vision of life!

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