Zeus and Thunderbolt

I introduce you this 4th logo. As you can see, the central element of this drawing is the thunderbolt. You know that right now I am trying to stay in the Greek mythology setting.

Therefore, you won’t be surprised to know that I got inspired by one of the most powerful god in the Greek mythology. That’s why today, I have the pleasure to present you the legend of Zeus!

If you remember the myth of Atlas, I’ve already talked a little bit about Zeus. Cronos was the king of the Titans and a prophecy from his father (that he overthrew) said that one of his children would do exactly what he did to him.

Cronos was so scared that he became as cruel as his father by swallowing all his children to make sure that none of them would kill him. But Cronos’ wife Rhea couldn’t stand to witness her children being swallowed so she decided to save one of them: Zeus. The child was secretly raised by the Nymphs on the island of Crete. As you would expect, the soon to be king of the Gods grew up with a lot of anger and hatred in his heart.

When he reached adulthood, Zeus saved all his siblings by making Cronos throw up. The New Gods took possession of Olympus whereas the Titans retired on Mount Othrys.

Then a terrible war followed between the two clans called Titanomachy. But I am not here to talk about this war because I already did it. However, I invite you to read my article: The Myth of Atlas to know more about it.

Who is Zeus?

Zeus was the lord of the sky and thunder but more importantly Zeus was the king of the Gods. He won this title by drawing lots with his brothers Poseidon and Hades. He became the supreme leader of the Gods and led them in the war against the Titan.

Not only Zeus was the ruler of the Gods, he also fathered many heroes in the Greek mythology such as the famous Herakles.

He was married to his sister Hera but Zeus was famous for his many affairs with nymphs and mortals. Seduction was one of his favorite games. He wouldn’t hesitate to disguise himself to get the woman he wanted.

Mortals and other gods respected him highly. Zeus was also the Lord of Justice and would punish any liars or oath breakers.

As the ruler of the sky, he had the ability to change the weather depending on his temper. He was very unpredictable. If Zeus was not happy, he could throw the most terrible weather upon the earth: thunder, rain and wind…

Zeus and the Thunderbolt

Zeus main attribute is the thunderbolt. I think that when we talk about the king of the Gods, we all have in our mind this powerful figure holding lightning in his hands.

But you have to know that Zeus didn’t have the ability to throw thunderbolt at the beginning of his reign. This weapon came later.

If you have read my article on Atlas ‘Myth, you should remember where this extraordinary power comes from.

The war between the Gods and the Titans was raging. No one was taking a real advantage until that key moment. Following his grandma ‘advice (Gaia), Zeus released the Cyclops from the bowel of the earth. To thank him, they decided to offer him a priceless and yet powerful gift: Lightning and Thunder.

Those new powers allowed Zeus to put an end to 10 years of war.

Symbol of the Thunderbolt

Lightning has always been fascinating. It represents a power that strikes earth with such force and beauty at the same time.

When a storm is up, it seems as if thunderbolts are dancing in the sky. Lightning is a mystic and mythical element. It draws a general feeling of mysteriousness. Once again, it is mainly because we assimilate thunderbolt with Zeus.

If we know that Zeus is not throwing those lightning bolts, we also know that thunderbolts mean that the sky is capricious and angry. It is always better to be at home protected by your roof than outside to fight the elements.

Thunderbolt also represents pure energy. It is rightfully seen as a huge source of power. To give you an idea, the power of lightning represents 20 atomic power stations!!!!

Last Word

As you can see, this logo is full of meanings.

I like to give my workout as much power as a thunderbolt hits the ground! Your training has to be explosive if you want to make the most of it.

To have real gains, all your energy should be focusing on your training. Remember that Zeus didn’t beat the Titans by going easy on them. He crushed them with his thunderbolt.

So don’t forget to: Take Your Thunderbolt Lifter and Break Your Records!

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